Bogged down in traffic?

It’s not a surprise that I’m no fan of traffic.  Most people aren’t.  At least anyone I know.  I’m travelling on business in a community with a lot more traffic than I’m (currently) used to and I allowed more time to arrive.   Taking my time allowed me to let people in graciously and keep traffic flowing.  It made me consider how I might continue that practice for the rest of my day. 

At lunch I was walking across the bank parking lot when a car rounded the corner, saw me and stopped to let me pass. I grinned, waved, and trotted across. They smiled, waved and drove on. A simple thing really, and yet it was filled with joy and camaraderie, each of us feeling the positive effects of having come into each other’s presence.  I couldn’t really see the effect in my car during morning traffic yet I imagined it had the same effect and was a ripple in the (traffic) pond as we merged more efficiently. 

Can’t wait for the rest of my day to unfold!  

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Christmas Drop

The holidays might be over but I love reading stories about people helping people.  This one is pretty cool.

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Keep on, keeping on.

It may sound like an old adage but it’s true.  Talking to a friend this morning who commiserated (upon congratulating him on his success) that he had so far to go; that’s the journey love. Life keeps giving you a new path. Focus on where you are and how far you’re come. You never know who you inspire, most of all yourself.  Keep focused.  When you can’t reach for those that inspire you.  We’re out there. 

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Wrapped in Love

Wrapped in Love

Tiny babies need tiny quilts. A preemie quilt measures 14 inches squared. Perfect for an afternoon project. Double bonus, completing what you started in one productive afternoon. Quilting for Love

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How to show a little love

These boys understand how to give a little love and support.   Danny definitely feels it – it’s in every step he takes at the end of this short video.  

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The Love Hormone

“The average length of a hug between two people is 3 seconds. But researchers have discovered something fantastic. When a hug lasts 20 seconds, there is a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. The reason is that a sincere hug produces a hormone called Oxycontin, also known as the love hormone. This substance has many benefits in our physical and mental health, helps us, among other things, to relax, to feel safe and calm our fears and anxiety. This wonderful calming is offered free of charge every time we have a person in our arms, who cradled a child, we cherish a dog or cat, we’re dancing with our partner, the closer we get to someone or just hold the shoulders of a friend.”

So, what are you waiting for?  Make those hugs last!

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The Price of Admission

My family has many sayings, some garnered from movies, trivia or other pop culture. Some days I have no idea where some of this stuff comes from.  My family can be kinda bizarre.  Some of it makes sense though. Is it worth the price of admission?  It could be a new restaurant, a movie review, a new job or just whatever you might find yourself doing.  And it’s a hidden gem this little phrase o’mine.  I trot it out on many a fine occasion, especially when someone or even just little ole me is questioning whether it was worth it. How do we determine value?  The price we pay for things?  Let me tell you I’ve paid crap (too much) for something that I found later to be, well, crap.  And sometimes the most priceless thing cost almost nothing at all.  Value isn’t only about tangible things.  What about the movie you watched last night?  The conversation you held with your friend? Lest you think this is a simple process, trust me it’s not.  It means being thoughtful with your life.  Is whatever you are doing, the fork you slipped into your mouth, the company you kept today, are they worth the price of admission?  If they aren’t why are you there?  Before you think I’m on a mission to criticize or sit in judgement, think about this.  What if we considered everything we did worthwhile?  Would that change the self dynamic at play?  Once upon a time I used to bemoan clothes shopping.  It wasn’t my favorite thing to do as it called attention to how I felt about myself.  The little pity party I had doing it was definitely NOT the worth the price of admission.  More often than not  I wonder if where I turn my attention to is worth it.  It’s neither good or bad it just is.  I can take steps to enjoy whatever I do.  My work, coming home to laundry or cooking, going to Aunt Millie’s and listen to Uncle Bob tell that story about when we were kids one.more.time.  I am valuable, my time is valuable, and I’m worth it.  Whatever I put my time and attention to i summarily worth it too. And it’s not worth the price of admission, well I get up home.  The net result is I’m happier.  I tend to eat better as I only surround myself with things I like. Conveniently, most of them are good for me.  And if my choices might not be considered good for me think about this – if I put it in my mouth it should be good for me!!  Tonight I made a cookie.  Just for me.  And it was the best ever. Sometimes giving yourself a little love is just the ticket!  That’s definitely worth the price of admission.  Best part is, you get to decide for YOU.

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